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Tree lacing is also known as tree shaping, and differs from a simple trim. Due to the climate in San Diego, trees grow pretty fast, and so need regular shaping to ensure they’re healthy and grow correctly.

Danny’s Landscaping Services has 15 years experience in tree lacing and shaping, and so we know exactly how to get the job done right. Proper shaping ensures that not only will the tree remain healthy, but it also reduces the risk of issues in the future.

Why Tree Shaping?

Tree lacing and shaping is the process of selectively trimming trees to maintain shape. It keeps the tree healthy, promotes new growth, but also helps to prevent problems like disease and pest infestation.

Whereas tree trimming is primarily cutting back problem growth, tree lacing requires a deeper study of the individual tree. We take into consideration things like shape, age, location, and any surrounding property to make sure the job is done properly.

As a result of it being a more intricate process, tree shaping and lacing is more time and labor intensive, and so costs a bit more than a simple tree trim. However, getting it done professionally ensures the tree will remain happy and healthy for years to come.

Correct Tree Lacing and Shaping

As part of our free estimate, we inspect the tree to work out the best process for lacing. It’s quite an individual process, and so it needs a professional and experienced eye to get the job done properly. We have to know which branches should be removed, how much to remove in total, and what the end result needs to be.

We discuss all of this with you as part of the estimate. We consider your needs for the job, including things like trees infringing on property, and also look out for any early signs of disease or damage. We ensure precision every time, and that you’re happy with everything before we even start.

Tree Lacing and Shaping in San Diego

Danny’s Landscaping Services has 15 years experience of tree lacing and shaping in San Diego. We have intimate knowledge of trees in the area and the best ways to manage them for healthy growth. So if you have trees that need shaping on your property, whether commercial or residential, Danny’s Landscaping Services is the right choice. Contact us for a free estimate to see how we can help.

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